Adventures In Skateboarding

I’ve fallen twice so far. Once, flat on my back. It’s trippy. I’m up and rolling and all of the sudden I am on my back, surprised, with a bit of air knocked out of me. Unhurt though. The second time (last week) I fell, I sort of skidded on my left knee and left leg. It’s still hurting a tiny bit and it’s healing. The scab is pretty awesome and intense. I have pictures that I was thinking of posting but I’ll have to do a trigger warning. Maybe later? Naw. Maybe that would be too much sharing. We’ve all been scarred or seen ugly scars so..a picture of my awesome bloody knee and awesome scabby knee is unnecessary. Yeh..

I love my skateboard. I only go around the block and I usually skate at night. I’ve gone to the store a few times. Rocks and a little pebbles and little debris are now THE ENEMY when I’m concrete surfing. I hope one day to be able to get out on water and learn to surf.

Being on my skateboard makes me feel free and exhilarated. I wear my awesome Nutcase helmet and usually have my ipod on low. I wear my wrist guards so that if I fall I have a bit of protection and my new vans (rowley svp)

My shoes 🙂

that make me feet feel sexy. Yes, feet can feel sexy and they share that feeling with the rest of my body 🙂 I am learning how to balance and how to take risks and be in my body more. I am also learning how to be less afraid of getting hurt. The body has a remarkable ability to heal itself. I’m trying not to pick at the awesome scab and actually let it heal. I want to witness it’s healing and not pick at myself anymore but it’s hard. I pick at myself and my skin a lot. It’s a habit from being a little kid.

This is helping me in other areas of my life. Like with my art and my romantic love life. Can’t wait to get home later and take my board out.


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