for the sound of her voice which totally calmed me
for piano practice
for no new homework in piano..we’ve been swamped every week.
for good conversation with C
for Luisa sharing her story and listening to mine
for being able to return a favor
for love
for reciprocal love
for learning how to love myself and let go of the past
for the emotional day I had and the peaceful night I am enjoying
for art
for writing
for my housemate’s computer
for Spotify
for Jonathan’s recommendation of Jim White’s album Drill A Hole in That Substrate and Tell Me What You See (love it!)
for water
for my bed and my room and the house
for medication
for Mrs. P
for FB
for my cell phone
for the cute guy on ok cupid, his profile made me smile
for myself
for her saying we’d make it work 😀
for being in love. I love being in love so much.
for her. She’s so terrific, and smart, and beautiful, and just all around awesome.


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