Think For Yourself

Think for yourself.
Don’t believe everything you think.

I create my life from the inside out.

My inner life and outer life have been out of sorts lately. I decided this morning to see what’s going on inside and whatever I find, express it and give it form in the physical world. There are many ways to do this. Walking, biking, skateboarding, dancing, singing, humming, words, writing, piano, a simple smile, a little nod, a hug, homework..etc.. enjoying the moment
recognizing now:
the gift of my heart beat
the air that fills my lungs
carries sound, lifts me up. (lift me up, lift me up)
water that nourishes me (nourish me)
cleanse me (cleanse me)
renews my spirit.(renew me)
the earth that I walk on
and call home. (home is where the heart is)
The bluish grey sky of today. (Today is

Happy Tuesday!
Happy 1st day of November Two Thousand and Eleven!

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