You Are On A Path

Last night in my psychology class we were studying personality and we did a cool little exercise that I’d like to share. If you’d like to play along, grab a piece of paper and/or something to record on/with. And…
away we go:

You are walking on a path. Describe the path with a few details, like 3 or 4 adjectives.

A little further prompting:
What is the setting like? Is it day or night? What kind of day or night is it? What kind of path/road is it? Is it clear ahead? or curvy or what?

You’re walking and you come across a body of water. What do you see?
What do you do?
A little further prompting/assistance.
It’s any size, any type of water. It could be puddle, a lake, an ocean..etc.

You continue walking and there’s a tree that has fallen and is taking up the path. What do you do? are walking again and come upon a key. What kind of key is it? Describe the key.

Next you come upon a structure of some sort. What is it?
A little prompting:
Man made structure of some sort. It could be anything really.

You’re walking and you come upon a receptacle for liquid. It could be anything and any size but it has to have the capacity to hold/carry liquid . Describe it.

Do you do anything with it? Is there anything in it?


You’re walking and suddenly you see a bear on your path, directly in front of you? What’s this bear like? What does it look like? What do you do? What does it do?

The End

The path is how you see your life.
The body of water represents how you deal with small problems.
The tree represents big problems/obstacles.
The key is about education.
The structure is about spiritual beliefs or religion. My teacher asked us about our now and our childhood views.
The liquid holding receptacle was about how we feel about sex and our current sex lives or intimate partners.
The bear is about death. How we feel about death and deal with death or a major health crisis.

This exercise was great fun and my Professor was nice enough to interpret a number of our answers for us. It was (twirling my mustache and speaking in an accent) very interesting 😀

My answers:

I was on a light brown dirt path. It was sunny, clear blue sky. The path was smooth. Not many pebbles or rocks. It was curvy and I could not see the end or that far ahead. It was a nice day to be out for a walk.

I came across a slightly muddy puddle. I stopped to look at it. It had an interesting shape. I could see my reflection and I could see the sun’s reflection in the puddle. I looked for a bit and then kept walking.

The tree had fallen across the path. It was big. I touched it and looked to see if I could go around it. The left side was blocked but I could go around the right side and continue walking.

I came across a key. It was very old and big and heavy. It was one of those keys that had two or three block like teeth that maybe would open up an old hope chest or something like in an old castle. I wondered what is was for. I put it in my pocket and kept walking.

The structure I came across was an abandoned lemonade stand. It looked sort of like the stand that Lucy uses in Charlie Brown. It was made of wood and old and falling apart and I looked around the back to see if there was anything left.

Next I came across a red gasoline container. The kind with the handle to carry it and a spout. It had a little bit of gasoline in it and I wondered what it was doing there. I wrote, what’s it doing here?

I see a bear standing in front of me. It is standing full upright. I am not afraid. We just look at each other for a bit. He’s brown with a white chest/tummy. It gets on all fours and walks away. I think to myself..whoa! I just saw a bear!!

The lemonade stand is the one I laughed out loud lots when our Professor told us what it meant. I was upset because I wondered was I abandoning my true spirituality but then she said it could be how I viewed the religion I grew up with. The lemonade stand was a facade. Not a whole building. Just an exterior. The lemonade price was handwritten 5¢. The stand was old and abandoned. And lemonade. The whole make lemonade out of lemons thing. You add sugar and water to change things up and make it more bearable. My subconscious is a riot 😀
Note: I grew up Baptist Christian. I attended a private Christian school K-2. I stopped going to church regularly at age 12 or 13. I’ve been less than 5 times in the last 20 years.

The key was old and heavy. My teacher said I believed in traditional education and though I don’t know what I’m in school for exactly I know it’s value. That’s why I put it in my pocket for later.

The gasoline can made every one laugh out loud. I didn’t get it at all. Which made them laugh more. Though later it was explained to me that I’m uh..waiting for someone to light my fire (ha ha). For me also, it was significant because I seriously was wondering why would anyone abandon a gas can with gas still in it. I mean people have these for emergency. Asking ‘What is it doing here?’ is also significant because I don’t quite know where and how sex fits into my life right now. I haven’t been with anyone other than myself sexually in many years. I’m sexual in my head and some writing but not at all in real life. I am starting to realize I’m frustrated and that I really feel I need sex with a loving partner in order to be truly healthy.

The bear was interesting. I wasn’t afraid of the bear but it was really big. We just looked at each other. I kind of wondered what would happen but then it just went away. O death..O death..well this goes along with my beliefs. I believe in life everlasting.

If anyone wants to share, please do. Leave a comment or drop me an email.

Happy Friday!

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