I saw her, then tears
I started to cry. I was too overwhelmed to be surprised.
She slow danced inside me
a sweet sweet memory
I’ll always be in love.

I saw her walking down the street
a girl sitting next to me drinking her tea
and talking with her friend has her name.
I leave.

When her belly was getting bigger
and the Baby started kicking
I was deeper than I ever dreamed
She was my altar
but she wanted to be my wife.

Joy, sweet child of ours
so lovely I can’t believe (it). Our love
walking playing laughing
in 1st grade now.
Don’t hate me because I am not your daddy. Dear,
I was your mother’s and
she mine
and..we were young and..

She was never nice
and it never really mattered.
She thought I was good.
A Good Man, she said.
Later, she hated me.
I would never grow up.
She hates me. I’m no good.
I never said I would.

I said, I love you most
inside you inside you
on my lips
in every thrust of my hips
every cell humming
heart thump thump thumping
a scream in the darkness
we lost this we lost
this wet wet rawness.

Never never never
can I get over it.

audio version

2 thoughts on “22

    • I wrote this months ago. Maybe in April or May when I was writing a lot but I remember feeling not sure of it so I set it as a scheduled post for Nov. 22nd to see if I would feel differently. I just received an email about your comment and realized that is now the 22nd. I am excited to read it now and see what it says. It’s like a time capsule gift or something! I’m such a dork 🙂 ha ha. Thanks for the comment. Off to read the post now.

      *edited to add*
      Whoa. I like it. It’s so different. But true to the feeling of a love affair not working out but love being true. I think I wanted to write a short story and I was frustrated that out came this instead. I have learned an important lesson. Accept what comes. And perhaps give it time and space and it can be appreciated.


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