Facebook Has Made Me Lazy: Like

Facebook has made me lazy like for real for real. I look for the like button when I’m reading other blogs. WordPress has that option when you create a post, you can make a like button available. I am looking for the like button on a blog entry that I just read here and I couldn’t click like. I couldn’t “like it” but I liked it so here I am. Wishing there was a like button option everywhere.

When I get out of class early. “Like”
When someone I think is cute thinks I’m cute. “Like”
When I take a refreshing nap or the sky is blue or my mood is good, pretty good, awesome!

“Like, like, like, like, like.”

Like, for sure I grew up in Southern Cali in a Dark Valley (aka Moreno Valley) and I use like in that absent Southern California (dude) way a lot lot lot.

I want a dislike button, a love button, an oh no-that sucks button. I wish you were here glad to be queer button. And so on. I want it to go too far. All the way. Way too much, too fast, too far, because I actually don’t believe in too far but I do believe in “Far out, man”, “Like totally, radical, tubular.” I want there to be automated responses so I don’t have to think..uh..um no, I mean, actually comment. So when I do comment, maybe, just maybe, it might mean something? Actually typing words or putting in my email address or responding in a more human way. Effort. Effort, blah, but I’m on holiday break and I don’t want to be effortful. But I do want to affirm you and/or your thoughts/posts/concerns. I want to do it mostly with a click of a button. I want it be that easy. I want everything to be easy. Well, easier. Or you know, at least the option of ease. Sometimes I don’t have anything that I want to write besides thanks for posting and that was awesome. I don’t want to take up the comment space unless I really really have something I want to add. Uh..something I don’t mind sharing in public. Uh..yeh. My thinking is totally circular today.

Guess what box I won’t click when I post this meta? banal entry?

You got it! Love it
“like” it or
not so much? :p

2 thoughts on “Facebook Has Made Me Lazy: Like

  1. Evan, I am glad you liked my post :). Someday I will have the social buttons that one “should” have for blogs. But in the meantime I will just go on hoping that people like, whether they have the time to say so or not.

    Connection is a tricky thing. But liking is certainly a part of it. And all those other options you listed. Connection = response. Connection = the flow of being moved and then moving in turn. And disconnection = moving away.

    And that’s my meta for the day 😉 Wishing you a big sky.


    • Cheers Kelley. Thanks. I’m just being silly today. I know that more people read than ever like or comment. I was just sitting here trying to figure out how to trackback to your blog. But you saved me from searching through the support forums by your comment just now. You’re a hero today!

      Now, to finish the episode of Ghost Whisperer that I was not so attentively watching while I was checking my email, which led me to your blog, which led me to post. Or maybe I should fold the laundry piled up near me, or play with Sami (my housemate’s dog) who is looking at me like, “are you really going to be on the computer all darn day?”

      So many wonderful options 😀


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