Happy ThanksGiving 2011

Happy ThanksGiving 2011 Everyone!!!

I’ve had a very good day so far. I woke up. Yay! and did my usual morning things. My housemate’s gf made pumpkin bread and honey butter for ThanksGiving Dinner at my housemate’s parent’s house. One of the pumpkin bread loafs stayed here for us 🙂

I made a quick little ThanksGiving-what I am grateful for-video for my family who are gathering today in Moreno Valley at my Aunt’s house. My housemate was watching Astro Boy in the living room so I caught some of that. I’ve never seen it before. The beginning was really upsetting to me. I may finish it later on tonight or sometimes this weekend.

I decided to have ThanksGiving dinner at my community center this year. It was brilliant. I had such a good time. It was the 23rd dinner that The Center has hosted. I love our Center. I’ve gotten so much support from it over the years. Tai Chi, coming out groups, FTMI San Diego Chapter support group. I use the library, the Cyber Center, health services. I started volunteering officially for The Center in 2010. I mostly work with Family Matters, which services LGBT families and the larger San Diego community. We do food drives, toy drives, clothes exchange, Easter stuff, Halloween, Christmas holiday stuff, arts and crafts, things for Seniors..just so many things and they are some of my favorite people to volunteer with. Period. This year we’ve had a lot of support from Imperial Court San Diego and San Diego Pride.

I am fortunate to have a family who loves me and is supportive of me. I am fortunate to have friends who do the same. I am thankful for my family and friends, my acquaintances, my community in general, my classmates, my teachers, all the kids in my life, and my online community. There are so many good people in my life. I decided to not volunteer for the event (shocking!) but to just go and be a part of the community, chat with people, share stories, connect, and just relax.

I’d been having a sort of rocky time emotionally this fall and summer. I just started feeling better and more myself around late October and earlier this month. I decided that it wasn’t a good idea for me to go to my Aunt’s place for ThanksGiving. There’s a few stressors there. My mom and I aren’t speaking. It’s sad, frustrating, stressful and is what is. I also have sooo much homework and little things to tie up over this week long break from actually not having to attend class. I am organizing also, so that these last 3 weeks of the semester go as smoothly as possible. My housemate and their gf and the 3 dogs just moved back in last week after having not been here really since maybe July? I just felt a need to stay home and to stay in San Diego. I wanted to see who would be at our community dinner. Most of my friends have family or gather together for ThanksGiving. There’s always somewhere to go. This was an interesting event. It was sponsored by The Imperial Court, San Diego Fire Department, and a church. We had a few speakers. Councilman Todd Gloria was there. He is super cool and truly a public servant.

There was plenty of food! I had turkey (dark meat), potatoes and gravy, green bean casserole, salad with croutons, blue cheese dressing on the side, two pieces of bread with butter, water, sprite, and a slice of pumpkin pie.


They played Hairspray on the big screen but at first they had put on Mommie Dearest. Sooo Funny! We thought we’d better lighten things up!

I met really cool people! Good conversations. Exchanged contact info with a few people. Got high (no not like that, let me finish..) I got high fives and hugs and you’re so braves and you’re cute (Woot!) and can I ask you a personal question? questions 😀 We talked about our families, coming out, school, health, exercise, sexuality, my transness. One woman in her seventies surprisingly sort of outed me. ha ha. It was super funny. I was talking and she asked me “Are you trans?” and I was like, *expletive* how did you know?” and she said that it seemed like the only reason why my mom would be having a hard time accepting me. It was so funny. It opened up the conversation more. There was another woman in her seventies who transitioned in 1977!! Her and her husband have been together for 46 years! Amazing!! One of the volunteers shared with me that her parents were slightly offended that she wasn’t with them or at least with friends. I wonder if my family feels the same way? We both talked about that and feel like it’s just one year. For a couple hours. This is where we both wanted to be. Some people were there to have a stress free dinner before they drove “home” to see and be with their family. Three people I talked to walked over an hour to be there today. I rode my bike!

I’m home now. With the dogs.




Happy. Full. Thankful.


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