Grateful for:
Once Upon A Time. I just recently watched the 5th and 6th episode.
Dinner with friends
Piano practice rooms at school. I hadn’t played in 12 days.
Seeing a friend I haven’t seen in over a year and signing with them.
My academic counselor/adviser for letting me do a brief walk in and setting me up for an appt next Monday during her break time so that we can redo my academic plan.
My skateboard
Patsy Cline’s music
My ipod
My housemate’s computer
A new keyboard for my computer that a friend of a friend of a friend gave me tonight. The p and the x I have recently discovered don’t work on my (now former) keyboard o_O
My smartphone/email
Reconnecting with a someone I really like who likes me (new exciting friendship)
Meeting a bright sunny chatty girl at the bus stop today and talking with her on the bus even though I wasn’t feeling bright sunny or particularly chatty I really liked her and we exchanged emails and numbers for a “to be continued” soon 🙂
social networking sites

and justice!



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