The First Day

Happy first day of February Two-Thousand and Twelve All! This is a leap year February. We get a whole extra day to do with as we wish we usually do on a Wednesday. Uh..the 29th is on a Wednesday. Like 4 Wednesdays from today. Wednesday is my favorite day of the week. Usually I volunteer with the kids at the Child Development Center here on campus. I did that this morning. The kids are getting so big. I was hugged a bunch, helped a few kids trace their numbers 1-5, 3 times, danced around, and got snapped at twice by the same little girl. Once for trying to help her clean up the kitchen play area in circle time and then a few minutes later she thought I was sitting in her spot. I was actually behind the circle. She just had in for me today I think. ha ha. Kids.

Wednesdays are also usually a non-school day for me. But not this semester. I have a class from 1245-1410. Not bad. I like the class and I’ve had the teacher before. We have lots of hw and lots of quizzes and this semester the class changed to partial online. 45% of our grade will be based on online classes. I’m a little put out because it didn’t say that in the course listing or when we registered. Still, that would’ve been okay. studio class (I’m learning how to record audio this semester) meets on Thursday nights once a week. Then class was scheduled in the course listings as 6pm-940pm. Last Thursday was the 1st class and he told us that lab time wasn’t built into the class. He’d lecture for a little over two hours and then let us go. About 845 at the latest but we’d have to come in during the week for like an hour and a half. The last 8 weeks of the semester we can do it any time we choose. The first 7 weeks, we have to meet in groups. Groups of 4 minimum because we have a project. To cut it short, my group meets 4-530/6 on Wednesday. So..this will be a long day but a good day. Just fuller than it’s been in about two years and I’ll have to really look at my schedule to see when I can take a break and rest. A day off mid-week really is brilliant if you can manage it.

So much is going on in my life right now. School started last week. I found a new place to live this past weekend. On Monday I payed February rent and deposit but decided not to move during the week. It would be too stressful. So, I’ll pack Friday night and move Saturday morning. And hopefully sleep. I really want to sleep. My classes this semester are brilliant. I changed my major to music and I made a good choice in doing so. I have Basic Musicianship Monday and Wednesday afternoon, Intro to Music Tuesday night, Intro to the Electronic Studio Thursday night (lab to be arranged) and Friday’s I have Astronomy 101. One class a day was what I was trying for. The group project changes things a bit. Also, something totally unexpected happened this week and less week. last Wednesday we had an orientation for all music majors or those interested in the program. It was during the time of Basic Musicianship but my teacher let us go to that. We had to come to sign in for class and then head on upstairs to the meeting. It was very informative and just..I don’t know..the faculty was there. Not the whole staff, but 5 of them were there, including the Chair of Music Department and they are all really passionate about music and teaching and it feels like a supportive and encouraging environment. It’ll be a lot of work on my/our part as students but it’ll be good. So..we all need an instrument. I took Piano 1 and 2 last year. I took Piano because the practice room is open 7a-10p and there’s like 8 piano that non-majors can use. The class was only $36. Lessons are a lot more than that. I was talking to the chair and said I like piano but I really want to play the alto-saxophone. I just don’t have the money for one. She told me to email Prof. ____ and that he might have one. I emailed him and also spoke with him the next day. He said he had a tenor and a baritone that I could use here and he had an alto in his personal collection. On Monday I saw the Chair again and she told me that if I joined the jazz band and talked to him again he would be more inclined to let me use his alto and she was right. He gave me an add code for the jazz band class and then looked online with me to find the reeds and a mouthpiece and he’s going to start me with lessons next week or the week after. He told me to sit in for now and just listen. Yesterday was my first day doing that. It was amazing!! I went to bed and woke up with music in my head. The band class meets Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1-3. My schedule just got a lot busier but that’s cool. Time will pass no matter what and at least I’ll be playing the sax again and developing my skills as a musician. So..yay!

Gotta get going. Headed to meet with my group for the studio class. Our assignment for the next 7 weeks is to come up with a 3 minute horror theme. Compose and record. We’ll see how that goes.

Happy Wednesday everyone!


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