I’ve Drunk More

I’ve drunk more this year than in the last two years combined. I went to a dinner party a few weeks ago and have had wine with dinner a few nights and today/yesterday I went to a Super Bowl Party. I’m hanging with a new set of friends and I’m also trying to not be hung up on my past so much. So many changes in the last 8 weeks. I am such a different person.

I am not into sports. I root for both teams. I like to see people do well and am disappointed/sad for the teams when they aren’t doing well. It’s exhausting! So..I rarely watch. I went to the party because my friends invited me and it was their first party at their new place. I ate good food, I watched some commercials but couldn’t really hear any of them. Too many chattering folk. And I met many cool people. I absolutely LOVED Madonna’s half time show and am hoping that I can get a dvd burn of it from someone. That’s how awesome it was and how much I loved it. *sigh* I met a really cool, newly together, almost couple and spent the entire 2nd half talking with them outside. After the game, the crowd moved outside and uh..there was a lot of interesting sex talk and a game of truth or dare. Two of my friends (not a couple) were about to make out so my legs led me back to the living room so my eyes/mind were spared that picture. Apparently the truth or dare went on to the point where ketchup got involved. Don’t ask! I didn’t. I watched a bit of The Voice. I’ve never seen it. It was cool to watch. I may watch it more in future. I know people who DVR it.

Highlights of the night:

Talking with C & J about queer studies and gender queer identity, polyamory, love, school.

Me and another friend putting on high heels and freaking people out and making them laugh while we walked around. The ones I wore were black mid high zip up boots with thin heels. My friend had on red heels. Their boyfriend was at first not amused but then got in on the action and went to put on a two piece and some heels with a packer. There are pictures out there in the world of this somewhere but will not be shared here. Not this night. ha ha.

K. who makes the best mixed drinks. One was a Malibu, another one was vanilla vodka, lemonade, and rosewater. Yummy!

A. (the boy with the pretty green eyes) and D. for letting me rub their heads and saying that I gave good head rubs and that my hands were so soft. I also briefly rubbed two other peoples heads and got my head rubbed. My hair is matting up so it felt weird. Did I mention that I am growing a new set of dredlocks? I haven’t combed my hair in 8 weeks. Last week it started feeling crunchy and a little knotty and matting up so that’s good. It was so soft before. I wash it every day but now every other day. It’s interesting how much the texture has changed.

L and N for saying that I have perfect “fisting” hands. This conversation came up at the dinner party a week ago and they promptly bought it up tonight in front of many people. I feel pretty happy about that and to be honest sexy and more desirable. My hands are small and apparently when I fold my thumb under, the thumb bone isn’t sticking out. I’m getting offers. Drunken offers but yeh..maybe I’ll get to try it out and make some of these folk really happy 🙂 My hands are good for more than writing, making art, piano, and sign language *winks*

Other highlights:

I woke up in my new place this morning and felt good and happy to be here. I moved yesterday and unpacked 95% of the things last night. I still have papers to organize, school/medical/financial stuff but there are no boxes and..I just really love this room. There’s space to do yoga. I’m on the 4th floor and have a great view and awesome windows that open outwards not up and done. The really high ceilings are nice. The apartment is new. Almost 3 years old. I live with a woman and her 8 year old son. The boyfriend lives downstairs and his daughter visits on the weekends. They all seem really nice. Another good thing, is that it’s only a few blocks from my old place. Yay!

I bought a new towel for my self massage I do in the morning and a toothbrush holder.

I also bought lights for my bicycle. I haven’t been able to do night bike rides for like 3 weeks because the front light went out. I must have left it on and the light wore out. I hadn’t had any money to replace it. When I moved yesterday, my friends who are staying at my old place bought my internet wireless router hub from me. Yay!

All in all it’s been a good day and good weekend. All my homework is done for the week. I finished the majority of it Friday afternoon and late last night. I have reading for my Tuesday class but I don’t really have to have the reading done for class. The teacher didn’t assign any reading. We are supposed to listen to the lectures and follow along with the book?! and I have about 40 pages to read for my Friday class. Other than that, I just have to physically show up, listen, and take a few notes.

Out for now.

Happy Monday All!

2 thoughts on “I’ve Drunk More

  1. Heels? Fisting? Vodka? Sounds like a my kind of party!!! Good to see you having fun you deserve it!

    • Ha ha. Is this the way you like to party? It reminded me of my early twenties. 20+ adults and no kids around. Lots of queer identified folk. We were all over the gender spectrum.


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