Feel The Love That Is You

Love as a state of being.

Love is a state of being.

There is a universal love frequency that we can always connect with.
(we are always connected with)

This Universal Love frequency is an incredibly peaceful, open energy.

From Illumination Matrix Volume 1

“You often forget that you are love. And then you call what you feel for other people “Love”. That’s not love. That’s a mixed bag of emotions and feelings, but that is not really love. Not the kind of love we’re discussing here. This love is a solid, neutral, creationary force. It is not a roller coaster ride of emotions. That (previously mentioned love) is a roller coaster ride of emotion. And often what you’re calling love is actually anxiety. Many of you relate to that. That feeling you get in your stomach you know, when you find yourself feeling attracted to somebody and you start to wonder if that person responds in kind. And you run all of these feelings. Yeh, that’s anxiety! That’s not love. (laughs) Right. Take a breath.” -Nora Herold

Self Love -Working Within

“And most of what you’re looking for in a relationship, the feeling that you get that feels so amazing to you at the beginning of a relationship isn’t generated by the other person. It is generated by you, as you open up your energetic centers you are finally in a relaxed state. It is self generated. It is not the other person.” -Wendy Kennedy


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