Home: Searching

A place to stay. To rest and rejuvenate. To wake up at. A place to do yoga, self massage, relax, read, do some writing, a little homework. A place that’s a buffer between the whole wide world and me.

I moved out of the apartment I was living at on Sunday. I had to move. The situation was not good for me at all. Luckily April 1st was day 2 into my Spring Break. It’s been a bit stressful but I’m okay at present. I have been looking for a place for a couple of weeks but didn’t find anything that I could afford that was in a safe or okay neighborhood. My old roommates were nice enough to let me put my stuff in the shed out back. Another friend is storing my desktop computer and my awesome printer that currently has no ink. First I’ll find a place to live, move, and then I’ll buy replacement ink cartridges.

My cousin and his gf and another friend helped me move my stuff. I had been gone for a couple days and when I got back Sunday morning to pack (I can pack in 3-4 hours. I’ve moved so much I’m an expert!) I saw that the elevator was broken! I usually take the back way. Apparently it had been broken since Friday. I live on the 4th Floor so…yeh, not fun, but we got it done. My cousin and his gf besides helping me move, came down to drive me to my Aunt and Uncle’s for Spring Break. I’ve mainly spent the week hanging out with my 8 year old cousin and my Aunt and Uncle. On Tuesday and Wednesday night I watched the last Harry Potter films. I got back to San Diego yesterday afternoon and am staying with my girlfriend (yes, I have a girlfriend now!) for the weekend. If I can’t find a place this weekend I’ll hopefully be able to stay with a friend near school next week and hopefully find a place next weekend. I’m expecting a check and it’ll help out. But it isn’t due to arrive until anywhere between the 14th and the 17th and then soon after that the last of my financial aid for the semester.

I have hw that I need to be doing but I’m stressed about not having a place. My gf lives in a small studio. It’s not really clean and it’s good for her but not for two and not for me to be staying at. I’m grateful that I can stay there the weekend but I woke up this morning and left to run errands and just feel that I need to find a place as soon as I can. I’m at The Center right now and a couple people I volunteer with are going to send messages to their friends who are renting rooms. The rooms are sort of far away and I don’t know about the bus/trolley routes but I’m glad that they’ll be asking their friends and getting back to me.

San Diego Transgender Day of Empowerment is tonight. I’m looking forward to seeing people that I only see once or twice a year, mostly at events like this. One of my friends is speaking tonight. My gf is getting all dressed up and I don’t have any dress up clothes. They’re in storage and I don’t feel like dressing up and I don’t know if she minds. I don’t think she will. This is our first public event. Sort of a coming out to our community. I think she’s nervous. I’m not. I have too many things going on right now. I may write a blog at another time of how we came to be but for now I just want to say that it’s surprising that we’re together and that it is good in many ways. I am happy.

Today I have lots to do. There’s hw I have but it’s stuff that I wanted to do to get ahead so the last few weeks of school will be less busy. But now I have to adjust to what really needs to be done. I have a paper due Tuesday at 630. I need to read at least 60 pages of one of the books before I get started. It’s only a 4 page paper and is totally doable if I buckle down and do it. I want to draw or color and write too. I’m going to look on Craigslist some more and see if I see anything that fits me. Hopefully my old roommate finds a new person to rent the room to in the next few days so I can get my deposit back. If I get the deposit back I’ll have the money to rent a room no problem.

If you’re inclined. Send good thoughts to my situation.

I am grateful to my Aunt and Uncle, cousins and my cousin’s gf, I am thankful for my gf and our new relationship, I am thankful for my ability to stay positive in the midst of the unknown and not having a place to live, I am thankful for technology in general. I am thankful for The Center and the cybercenter (computer room) within the center. I am thankful for the awesome people I volunteer with. I am grateful for the beautiful blue sky that is awaiting me when I step outside. I am thankful for Jim Dale’s reading of The Harry Potter series. It’s extremely comforting. I’ve been listening to the entire series consecutively since I got out of the hospital in December. I’m almost at the end of The Half Blood Prince (book 6) now. I am thankful for Water for hydrating me and cleansing me.

Happy Friday All!