I am grateful for the food I ate today, for communication and getting through a tough conversation with my gf, for a good friend and her understanding and unconditional love and support (thank you Doe), for coffee shops that are open to 2am even on Easter Sunday. I am grateful for the writing I did today. I am grateful for the hw I did for my music class. I almost understand intervals and I’m sure with the lecture tomorrow I’ll understand it even better, so I am thankful in advance for school starting back up this week. I am grateful for all the walking I did. For the time I’ve had to think and reminisce today. I am grateful for another friend who is going through his own hard times but picked up the phone to listen and talk with me when I called him this morning. I am thankful for the beauty I encounter every day in nature. I love Spring, I love the colors of all the blooming plants and flowers. I am grateful for the weather and the beautiful blue sky in Sunny San Diego.