I woke up 9 days ago with a searing sore throat, body aches, sweaty, and with a fearful, foul mood. It was 6am on Saturday. I had finished the first week of school. Barely. By that Wednesday (Aug. 22) I had already taken 3 quizzes and done over 8 hours of hw. I had also received my first financial aid deposit. I finally had the money to get my own place/rent a room. So, yeh, after the school week was over I promptly got sick. No one else I knew was sick. I think it came about because of stress and low immunity. I’ve slept an average of 4 hours a night the past two weeks. Also the stress of moving again in the midst of a semester. I need more stability in my life. I need a home. A quiet, peaceful place in which to relax, work, and renew myself.

Last week I made it through the school week with flying colors. Mainly because on Monday I spent 8 hours doing homework and the class I have on Wednesday was canceled due to my Professor needing a root canal.

I didn’t play the piano at all last week. I did have 3 more tests. One in Music Theory, one in ear training and one in math. Like every semester, it will be all about time management.

When I wasn’t in school last week, I was at my gf’s house. Sleeping, resting, and watching S1 of Veronica Mars. Fantastic show, especially Season One! I don’t think I’ve seen it since first run and my gf had never seen it. We managed to watch 22 episodes in about 10 days. I thought when we started it would be like a couple a week because who has time to watch DVD’s when you have so much hw. Apparently, we could do it, because we did, and neither of us missed any hw or did bad on any tests.

As far as moving goes, I’ve been looking at Craigslist for a place to rent. Every day for about a week I’ve been searching through the listings. I thought I had a place near campus. On Friday I was supposed to meet the owner of the house at 200 to check out the room. At 130 she called and said she was sorry, she had rented the room out at 1230. That was a blow, but I figure, obviously it wasn’t for me. I am hopeful that I’ll find something very soon. I have to. The person who owns the house that I’m staying in needs her room back and she asked her daughter to ask me this morning when would I be leaving. So..the pressure is on a bit now. But I feel sort of numb about it all. I think being sick and the fluctuations in mood and with weakness, pain, frustration, and all that comes along with a lingering cold, I just can’t get too worked up about anything right now. It’ll work out because it has to.

Today, I am writing. I am reading for school (my first paper is due on Thursday), I have a bit of math to do, and need to deal with some feelings I am having about my gf and myself. Things are good but I am having separation anxiety. I won’t say when’s the last time I saw her because it’s too embarrassing to miss her like I do. It hasn’t been that long really. And I have things to do and I don’t really like being at her place so much and blah blah. It’s a good thing we’re doing our own things but yeh, I find myself mentally and emotionally reaching out for her and I don’t think she’s missing me the same way at all.

Okay. I’m done feeling sorry for myself. I am going to get on with things.

Happy Saturday All! or Happy ___day! depending on when you read this ;p


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