I moved Monday night to a place near campus. It’s a 2 story townhouse. My roommate is cool. My room is nice. One wall is all a large window. I love waking up to sunlight. I’m happy and I’m comfortable. I feel more grounded. One of the good things about my roommate is that she told me that Ashley is welcome anytime. We’re here right now. We made spaghetti tonight and we bought cinnamon rolls for dessert but no one’s had any yet. Ash and I have been doing hw for the last couple of hours.

I have a lot!! of homework right now. I missed school last week, except for Friday, due to illness. It turns out I had strep throat. I am on antibiotics now. The first day or so of starting the antibiotics I felt really really sick. Worse than I felt before I took them but now I am doing better. I am catching up on my hw and making up tests and planning for my future.

I feel hopeful.

My awesome girlfriend
My awesome roommate, her 4 year old, Juno the dog, and Azlan the cat. I really love being around a family!
I am grateful for comfortable, safe place to live.
I am grateful for water. I’ve been drinking lots of water the last couple of days.
I am grateful for my medication.
I am grateful for Cal Fresh.
I am grateful for the $ I currently have that allowed me to move and pay my rent.
I am grateful for my bus pass.
I am grateful for myself for always trying and never giving up. Yay tenacity.

Peace ya’ll. Peace.

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