Drugs and Dirty Dishes: The Roommate Blues

I am in a situation. I will be moving in the next couple weeks.

1. So, last week, I think it was Wednesday or Thursday night, I wake up to my roommate’s son screaming. He’s 4. I heard banging on the door. He was banging with his feet and his hands and crying for his mother. I told him she was asleep and he said no she’s not. Sometimes she locks herself in her room but this was different. It was after midnight. I had just gotten home around 11p. I usually stay at my gf’s house but I decided to come home. I then told him she was probably not feeling well and that she was sick. I knocked on her door and there was no answer. I asked him if he wanted me to text her or call her. I ended up calling her and leaving a message. Before I called, I wasn’t even sure if she was home. He was screaming so loud I thought for sure she would have heard him. Her cell phone ended up being downstairs. Her son and I went downstairs and he just cried and cried, saying he wanted his mommy. I told him again that she was probably asleep and that he should lay down. I called the dog over and we sat down together and watched some cartoon that was on and he finally fell asleep. I was freaked out a bit. He was so upset and I felt really helpless. I didn’t want to barge in her room or bang to loudly because I didn’t want to scare her son. Especially if she wasn’t there. She’s left before but usually she’ll tell me to keep an ear out. I hadn’t been home in a few days and she’s been so..I don’t know..out of it that I wasn’t sure. I think she may have been passed out from drinking and drugs but she also could’ve just been in an exhausted sleep. She got my message a couple days later!? and texted me that she was glad that I was able to stay with him until he fell asleep again. She said he didn’t mention anything to her about it. In my mind, I was thinking why would he? He probably didn’t remember. Who knows?

2. Sunday morning I came home and the place was trashed. There were at least 20 beer bottles around and there was a bong on the table. Both sides of the sink were filled with dirty dishes. The counter top had dirty dishes on it and the stove was dirty. I cleaned the entire kitchen. Later that night my gf and I were watching Supernatural on my computer and all the sudden my room was filled with marijuana smoke. We got up to close the windows. It was sickening. I went downstairs to confront her and her son was in the kitchen. He offered me some candy from Halloween and I said no thanks and walked over to the balcony. Her and this guy were smoking out on the balcony. I went upstairs to get my shoes and jacket to go for a walk. I was so mad. Her son was there and Ash and I were there and she was super stoned. I didn’t want to get into it with her friend and son there so I told her that my windows were open and that I was going for a walk.

So, I’ve been sick to my stomach and stressed out and not really able to concentrate on my homework.

I wrote a letter and gave it to her last night. She freaked out and we’ve exchanged a few texts.

Just now she started playing her music really loud. I asked her to turn it down and she got really mad. And then I knocked on her door again to tell her that I wasn’t feeling well and could she turn her music down. She said she did turn it down and that she wasn’t talking to anymore and then slammed the door in her face. Her son then comes to the door and bangs on it and she jerks the door open and is surprised that it is him and apologizes to him because she was so mad. She then says man, I can’t talk to you right now, so I ask her when, and she says later.

I’m annoyed and a little amused at her tantrum and that I am getting into stupid fights about dishes and loud music! I am in bed now. My throat is hurting and I am just going to not talk for awhile and relax. She just left. Just the pets and I are home. I started watching Freaks and Geeks on Netflix yesterday and I may just marathon that for a few hours. It’s a great show!

There is still good things I can say about today. I have friends who support. I have some quiet time, a nice bed, and a roof over my head. As far as school goes, I got a 99 (woot!) on my last Math exam. My Professor put Wow! under the score. That made me happy 🙂 We have one more test and then the Final. Almost done with this semester. The weather is cool. Not too hot and not too cold. And I’m alive.

Happy Wednesday All!


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