Music Theory Video

So, I wrote a script 3 weeks ago for our music theory video project. There are 5 of us in the group. The topic we chose was 7th Chords. We had a little bit of rehearsal last week and on Tuesday. We did the majority of shooting today. I have about 30 minutes of video left to shoot that doesn’t involve any dialogue. I’ll do that tomorrow. I feel really good and accomplished and proud of our group. Only one person was kind of flaky through this whole process. We all worked on the outline and general story. One person typed up the outline, I wrote the script, another person did the storyboard. I directed everyone. They said I did a good job!! 🙂 They all did a good job. Two of them were on camera and one off screen as the narrator. The sort of flaky one was supposed to be the narrotor but he went home after class without letting me know. When I called him, he told me he had a lot going on and that he was going out of town for Thanksgiving. So then, the group member who did the outline ended up stepping in and doing the narration. Like I said, it went well. I’m happy. I love being on a set. I love directing. I’m tired. About to eat. Hanging out with my girlfriend. We are about to watch a movie. Maybe Saw or Office Space. I’ve never seen them.

When I went home today the roommate said, hey, what’s up? I said hi, nothing much. *shaking my head* I thought she never wanted to talk to me again!


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