Away For The Weekend

I’m at my Aunt and Uncle’s for the weekend. We are watching 24 and waiting for a pizza to arrive. I am in the midst of Season 4 of 24 and although everyone here has seen all episodes of 24, they are re-watching with me. My Uncle poured me a glass of wine but I need to wait until I get some solid food in my system.

I’ve had a good day so far. My gf and I walked to get breakfast and then walked to campus so I could go to Math class and she could go to the VA office to see about her school schedule. I am happy to say that she’s registered for Spring. Her registration date was Monday and I thought because she had waited all week to choose classes that there would be no classes left. Last night we had a good talk. I told her how I felt about her messy room and not feeling welcome in her space. She said she would clean her room. Hopefully, it will be clean when I get back on Monday. I’m glad we talked. I felt better and I hope she feels okay. I’m away and we’ve been texting and I miss her but I’d rather be missing her than be there. Sometimes time apart is what is called for. I’d rather miss her and things be fresh when we’re together, than to always be with her and begin to get frustrated and annoyed.

I am grateful for my girlfriend, my cousin for picking me up at the train station, my Aunt and Uncle for providing me with love, support, and shelter.
Commuter Trains with affordable tickets!
I am grateful for my computer
my phone
the internet
Math teacher and tutoring services on campus
Watching TV and movies on a big HD TV
my mind

Happy Friday All!

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