Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas All!

I woke up at 5am, brushed my teeth, did self massage, took a quick shower, did a light yoga routine, and now it’s a bit after 6am and I am in the living room near the Christmas tree Christmas Tree 2012 and waiting for the only kid in the house to wake up! He’s 9 and he’s my older cousin’s youngest son. There are currently 6 adults in the house. My Aunt and I are the only one’s awake. The kid’s Uncle woke up a few minutes ago, came out looking for the kid, seeing no kid, he went back to sleep. ha ha. “Wake me, when he wakes up.”

The kid aka known as Deuce, will play Santa. We have a Santa hat for him and he will read and hand out all the presents and then we’ll open them. I know I am getting a pair of new pajamas and an itunes gift card. Other than that, I’ll be really surprised. This year my Uncle Joe has the most presents. When he and my Aunt went shopping he found lots of things he wanted. He is one of the most generous, humble guys, I know. He is the epitome of a Christian to me. Always giving to others, kind, good humored, thankful. My Aunt and Uncle are very good to me. They tell me that I am always welcome and when I am here, I feel welcome.

This afternoon around 1 or 130 we will have Christmas dinner. There will be 14 of us. Maybe more. On the menu: Turkey, homemade macaroni and cheese, stuffing, gravy, greens (a mix of mustard, collard, and turnip) banana pudding, sweet potato pone, dinner rolls, an apple pie, a pumpkin pie, Sees Candies, homemade toffee with chocolate and white chocolate, homemade chocolate pumpkin bread, and some other stuf maybe that I am forgetting.

I’m hungry.

Guess I’m going to go ahead and make my usual morning breakfast. Oatmeal with almond milk, brown sugar, and raisins.

Hope everyone has/is having a great day!


I’m currently re-watching “The Time of Angels”, the 4th episode of series 5 Dr. Who.
Can’t wait for the Christmas Special later on today!


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