A New Vision

On Valentine’s Day I went to pick up my glasses at Costco. It took about 5 days from when I dropped them off. I bought the frames somewhere else but got the lenses done at Costco because they are loads less expensive there. I need high index lenses. My prescription is -10.75 in the left and -11.00 in the right. I can barely see at all without them. If I didn’t get high index lenses they’d be seriously thick. Like coke bottle glasses for real for real. coke_bottle_glasses_2px5wr

My girlfriend, my Aunt, the cute guy who sold me the frames, and three of the women who work in the optical department at Costco like them a lot a lot! 😀 I don’t think I’ve ever worn plastic frames. I’ve worn metal frames with nose pads for many years. I’ve always called nose pads, nose huggers but I was recently, kindly, corrected. ha ha.

My new frames are very nice, they are dark brown with blue highlights, and I’m happy to have new glasses (It’s been 3 years!) but I have to get used to them. I look different. I look like someone who’s about it. Which is to say, when I look in the mirror I see someone staring at me who seems more capable, more creative, more focused, more intelligent, more together, more cool perhaps, than I actually feel.

*raises glass*

Here’s to growing more comfortable with my new look. To seeing myself as clearly, as crisply as I now see the world outside of me. Here’s to seeing myself with new eyes.

Me and my new specs! New Glasses

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