The Next Day

I am celebrating my original birthday. I was born on the 17th of May. I am 35 years old. It’s trippy. I don’t feel 35 but I do feel older. This morning when I woke up I felt lighter and aware that I am an official adult. I know that I’ve been a legal adult since age 21 but this birthday I feel like one. All grown up, or as grown up as I ever wish to be. I’ve had a brilliant day. I went to breakfast with my girlfriend, I did my shot, I rode two trains to get to my Aunt and Uncle’s house and it’s been all good. I was able to read 3 Chapters for one of my classes. Yay for me getting homework done! My gf and Aunt and Uncle met for the first time today and it went well. We all have Dr. Who in common so that’s a great icebreaker 🙂 I was behind 4 episodes because I’ve been so busy with school. We watched them all tonight. Everyone has gone to bed. I have a couple quizzes to take before I turn in. I’m happy. A little tipsy from the wine I had at dinner. I feel good. A little tired. Ready for the new year to come. Happy Birthday me!

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