Fall Semester 2013

Today is the first day of Fall Semester! I’m enrolled at two schools right now. I have one class left (Intro to Biology w/lab) at my local community college. After I finish that class I’ll be awarded my Associates Degree. Woot! I am also attending a University with an excellent online program. I start the 1st 6 week class today and it’s basically about using the online tools, getting to know the university and what our responsibilities are as students. We have a group project, articles to read, a short paper, and weekly quizzes. I have two other classes that start on the 30th of September and another 6 week class that starts in November. 16 units total! It’s going to be a busy busy semester. I’m also working part-time. I figured right now I need to work 15-20 hours a week so I can get a place and be able to eat while I’m in school. I’m a little nervous because I haven’t worked at a job while attending classes in two years. It was too stressful and I decided to just be poor and focus on doing well in school. I don’t have that option any more. Tuition at the University is expensive. My grants will cover one semester but not two. This fall I’ll be applying for scholarships to help offset the cost of attendance.

My Biology class starts tomorrow at 935am and I’ve already signed in to my 6 week online class this morning. I’ve yet to buy my books. Waiting for the money to deposit into my account. Today, I’m working at the campus bookstore for 8 hours. About to ride my bike to work in a few minutes.

Wishing everyone the best! Happy Monday All!



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