The Choices

To snuggle this morning instead of hopping on my bike to ride home and do my morning things.
We made love for close to two hours. I helped her @^# again and again until she was spent, laying satiated in my arms.
To go tomorrow morning to dentist office walk-ins instead of this morning or this afternoon.
To go home to wash my face, brush my teeth and wash my recently pierced ear lobs with anti-microbial lotion soap. Not to shower because I wanted the subtle reminder of her scent and her energy on and around me for as long as possible.
To check my blood pressure:127/84 pulse: 79
To not wear my grey striped button up.
To wear my brown Jimi Hendrix shirt.
To go back to her place and eat a bean & cheese burrito instead of going to the store for a banana after drinking a chocolate protein shake.
When we were about to leave the house to go about our day and her friend (our ex girlfriend/lover) arrived unannounced (no text, no phone call) I decided to leave them to it and go about my day.
To go to Rite Aid to get cash out and get change so I’d be able to do a load or two of wash.
To go to the library to see if I could find a copy of Kite Runner.
We are doing a book exchange. She will read Jellicoe Road (one of my all time favorites) and I will read Kite Runner (one of her all time favorites) and we’ll know more and more about what the other one loves ❤
To type this draft now, before the day has its way with me.

**Originally wrote this on March 25, 2013


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