Break Is Over

Winter holiday break is over! Class started today. Comp 101. I’m learning about how computers work and the basics of programming. This class ends the 3rd week of April. I am thinking about the end at the beginning. I don’t know if this bodes well for the start of the semester, but.. it is what it is. This afternoon I read through the syllabus, looked at my assignments for the week, and finally purchased and downloaded my e-textbook for the class. Will start the reading tomorrow.

The majority of the morning I spent looking at video clips of the Ellen Show and then a few video clips of Oprah. I was woken up by my 10 year old cousin and his two little friends who spent the night last night. They were loud talking and messing around in the bathroom close to the room where I sleep. I was too tired to even yell at them and just lay silently hoping they would shut up or leave. My Aunt ended up taking them all out to breakfast. Let me tell you, Silence is Golden!

Tonight I practiced dancing with my Aunt and Uncle. My Uncle is learning the electric slide. We are all learning the Wobble line dance courtesy of youtube. My Aunt and I are also learning the Soul Food Line Dance called “Collard Greens and Cornbread”, by Fantasia, choreographed by Lorenzo Adams.

Now, my Aunt and I are watching Episode 1 of Sherlock, Series 3. We watched it a few days ago but my young cousin and his friends were super duper loud. Said cousin is staying the night at his friends’ house so we are giving it another go. Episode 2 aired last night and we’re going to watch it tomorrow when my Uncle gets off work. Probably after dance practice 🙂

All in all, the day has been good.

Wishing All The Best..


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