Note To Professor

Dear Professor,

During the last 4 weeks I have thoroughly enjoyed this Introduction to Programming course. I find it fascinating/interesting. The reading is a bit much and the tests are a bit short (10 questions from 70 + pages of reading!) but you are helpful and clear in your instructions and quick to answer your emails. In short, you are awesome! Unfortunately, I was unable to complete this week’s homework assignment on time, so it’ll be a day late. Hopefully. I mean, I’m working on it today but really it is slow going. You see, I’ve recently become involved with a (new) friend of mine and that would be fine in and of itself. I could get things done and deal with my my feelings for her, which mainly involve stalking her Facebook page, coming up with witty comments to her many status updates, waiting for her to respond to my messages, seeing if she “liked” any of my statuses, hoping we’d connect more outside of FB, talking with my friends about how much I like her and so on..and so on. But something happened in the last couple of days or so. She called me and we talked on the phone for a good long while. She really likes me too, you see. She says that we have this connection and that I am sweet and thoughtful and smart. She actually may have used the word genius (if my memory is correct?) but I had to respectively disagree. If I were a genius I probably would’ve finished this week’s homework when I was about 10 years old and I wouldn’t have to write you this email explaining why I haven’t done it yet! I know I shouldn’t have waited to the weekend to do it because the best things seem to happen on the weekend. This whole thing is to say, I can’t stop thinking about her and it’s making it hard to concentrate on anything else. If there was a pill I could take to focus on working with Raptor and learning Javascript and doing all the required reading plus my 2-3 page paper based on Thursday’s lecture, I’d take it. I’d take two! But alas, there are no such pills in existence. So I have to deal with the memories of her pleasant voice, the way she speaks so lovingly in encouragement and support of me, the brilliant beauty she radiates, her super cute daily mishaps.. competing with all the homework and book learning that require my attention and focus. You see the trouble now, don’t you? I am in (the beginning) of love with this woman and anything else at this point takes a monumental effort to fully engage me. But I will get the homework done. I will.

Thanks for reading.

Sincerely smitten,
Student: Evan _______

2 thoughts on “Note To Professor

  1. ha ha
    No Lenore, I didn’t send it 🙂
    My Professor has two classes and we all have a paper due tomorrow about reflections of the first month of class, what we’ve learned, connections we’ve made with the material and so on. Also, every week for those who don’t make the online class lecture we have to write at least 2 pages of prose of what went on and how we reacted while listening and any questions we have. Plus, I’m sure she gets emails from alot of students asking questions. I wouldn’t waste her time with this but I wanted to write it because it’s the truth and plus I was procrastinating. Didn’t want to do my homework 🙂 I did just finish 2 of the 3 assignments due tonight. We have no homework this upcoming week because we have our first midterm, so that’s good.


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