Letting Go

There are certain things I cannot accept.

There are certain relationships I cannot be in.

I am well loved and have been too well loved to participate in anything less than what I know as love.

Do you understand me?

I am rich in the realms of friendship. I know many ways of being friends.

Do you understand what I’m saying?

What would LOVE do now?

Love would, as I will, wish you well.

The very best. Your every Heart’s Desire…

You romantic creative sensitive loving beautiful soul you.

Remember, I am sensitive too. Loving too. Romantic too. I am like you.

I am the only me there is. Precious, Beautiful me. I love myself.

You know? Yeh, you do 🙂

I know you did not mean to hurt me. I can only imagine

what is happening with you(?)

And this imagining has disturbed my mind, made me anxious, insecure,

turning over and over and over all

I don’t know.

Questions with no answers. Messages with no response.

I have felt frustrated, confused, at times peaceful, sick, neutral. Off balance.

I feel disappointed, grateful,

For this experience has reinforced all I know of love so far.

In your silence I heard everything I need to know.

This Us, the emotional experience of Us, has run the gamut.

The need: Rest and Tender Loving Care

I Console myself.


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