This Kiss

Kiss me softly on the lips kiss me
sweetly opening..Kiss me
until our lips are swollen and slightly bruised. Kiss me
like this:
Until you are river, thunder, molten, sky and
I am rock meets ocean through and through.
[Lover, I am so into you] Kiss me
resting your arms on my shoulders
while my hands rest on your hips. Kiss me like we have all day
and all night and all day and all night Kiss me
while my fingers lift the back of your shirt and my hands..
move lower then higher up your spine then lower still. You are perfect(ly)
kissing me slowly like this. Kiss me
while looking into my eyes that say: I love you like mantra
Iloveyou Iloveyou Iloveyou Beautiful life, I love you. Everything.
Stop. For an eternal second and let me
begin our kiss again. Kissing you
my thump thump thumping heart finds your matching rhythm.
Soul bonded we are
Breathing together. Both wanting
me to be inside you
now Kiss me
until we are both weak-kneed
I guide you until your back is against a wall
Above your shoulders my palms touch
the wall but not you.
Only lips.
Only our lips
are touching
you kiss me,
wrap your arms around my waist pulling me into..
your body. I love..your body, this feeling, you
kissing me while my finger tip
moves along the inside of your waistband. Stop.
Look at me. I see you.
I see
Your eyes glazed: I want you to(o) kiss me
while I slide aside your soaked-wet panties..kiss me
while I enter
you feel
you pull me in
deeper with every…
This Kiss will go on for hours.



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