3 Things I Enjoy Being A Witness To

1. That stage in development when a baby is pulling themselves up on things:
Chairs, end tables, people’s legs 🙂 and so on…
And how Happy they are to be standing up! The joy, the exhilaration, the big grin, the plopping down on their diapered bottom.
Looking around for the response from those watching, getting up again…
Smiling 🙂
Building muscles to embark on a new phase in life.
This is my absolute favorite thing to witness. Favorite, I tell ya.

2. Witnessing someone at the beginning and early on in transition. I love the joy of it, all the changes, even the hard stuff. There’s nothing like watching someone come into their own. It is beautiful to witness in myself, with people I know, and those on the internet/Youtube. I love the anniversary videos. 1 year on T (testosterone), 2 years on T…and so on.

3. Witnessing the spiritual growth/spiritual awakening of someone. The changing. The blossoming. The working through things of the past, understanding them, letting go, the pain of it, the healing. The work. The beautiful ongoing work. The awareness. The realizations and so on…

Beautiful to witness.
So beautiful.


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