Broken Tooth :( And Upcoming Graduation :)

I may have a slight fever. I usually don’t get fevers. I don’t feel well.
This early evening I lost a part of one of my bottom right teeth 😦
3_140511 The one at the top is the one that just broke. The one directly below broke off about a year ago but doesn’t hurt. It still has a partial filling.

So yeh, the back tooth is kaput. Have you ever had the dream where you were spitting out your teeth? Yeh, it was kinda like that. I’m used to it. Ever since I was a little kid I’ve been spitting out pieces of my teeth. I was born with Amelogenesis Imperfecta. I’ve never bit into an apple. I’ve never bit into jawbreakers, jolly ranchers, lollipops, are anything that’s hard. I chew carefully. Like today. I knew within a bite or two that there was a problem because I was eating something soft and I felt something sort of hard so I spit and then felt with my tongue. It’s bad. Last night, I was eating a soft granola bar type thing and I felt something. When I tried to close my mouth I couldn’t close it all the way. There was like a bone sticking up. I thought if I forced it I would break the tooth. I ended up putting a red bandana (head rag) on the inside right side of my mouth, biting down cautiously. The tooth went down or back in or whatever and didn’t hurt at all. But I guess it was just a temporary fix because today it broke off completely.*sigh* The pain is a dull ache thank goodness. Tomorrow I’ll do a walk in at the Family Health Clinic I go to.

This comes at an inconvenient time. I’m almost out of money. I had a small loan to get me through the semester and it’s the end of the semester now. I have lots of reading to do. Homework due Tuesday and Friday for Biology. My graduation ceremony is Saturday at 4pm. I am getting an Associate in Arts degree, Liberal Arts-Emphasis Child Development. I’m excited. I picked up my Cap and Gown last week.

1st Cap Gown pics _14_05_05

Excited about graduation!! A little anxious about the dentist.

Thankful that I’m not in tons of pain
Thankful for my Blu-ray of Battlestar Galactica 4.5.
Thankful for my friends and family on FB
Thankful for Crystal (my computer)
Thankful for a roof over my head and food in the fridge and cabinet
Thankful for my friend Travis who took me to the store yesterday and bought me food for this week.


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