Dentist Visit – Update about brokent tooth

The one on the left is the broken one. It has a small rod thing, I think my dentist said it was a stand. I think it may be have been holding the tooth together. It was a tooth that had a root canal but the cap fell off awhile ago. It would’ve cost $925 to fix it and that was the low income price. Could never afford it. The tooth to the right of it is a broken tooth that had a filling in it that broke too and it’s been awhile for that one but it doesn’t hurt. The one that broke on Sunday hurts.

The dentist sanded down the tooth so I would be more comfortable. My tongue is hurt because it kept finding it’s way to the sharp parts. It’s much better this morning.

There tooth has an infection. The doctor prescribed me antibiotics and ibuprofen. He referred me to an endodontists to be evaluated. If I can’t see the one he referred me to, the nurse gave me another number to call that will take Medi-cal. If I can’t wait to get it fixed or treated, like if there’s too much pain or the infection doesn’t really go away then I’ll have to get the tooth extracted. The dentist I saw yesterday recommended that I do anything I could do to save the tooth.

I’m feeling really down this morning. Woke up in pain. Overall feeling kind of blah. Weak. But I’ll rally myself.
I have to watch some sort of video for Bio Lab and take notes. That’s due tonight at 7:05. And I have 2-3 labs to finish up.

This morning I need to go to drop my pants and maybe a shirt off at the dry cleaners for graduation on Saturday. It’s like a 10 minute walk each way.

I’ll take it as easy as I can today. That’s all I can do.

Happy Tuesday All 🙂
Wishing you the best.

I am thankful for medicine
Thankful that I woke up this morning
Thankful for Voxer and hearing my friend’s voice first thing.

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