Got the tooth extracted this afternoon, a little after 4pm.


    I went to the clinic as an afternoon walk in. They only take four and I was #4. I got there a little after 1pm There were only a few people there but as the hours passed more and more people were there. I gave up my seat to an older lady and set on the floor at her feet. Later I went outside the main waiting room to like a secondary waiting room with 3 chairs. The only downside is that the main waiting room had air conditioning and the secondary one did not. It just had the front doors open. And we are in the midst of a heat wave! It was 97º today and it’s 11pm now and the temperature is 77º with 14% humidity. Hot day.

    So the most important thing that can be done is to stay hydrated.

    I had a productive day with a few mishaps.

    -My throat woke me up this morning a little after 6am. Hurting. Stupid pain. I had only just gone to bed around 3am 😦 There was no getting anymore sleep. So I got up, had a little bit of banana and took and ibuprofen. I did my usual morning stuff, (minus yoga), self massage, shower, grooming..
    When washing my ears (I have stretched ears, 00g) I lost one of my o rings. It totally went down the drain. I didn’t think it was a big deal but my plug fell out twice within an hour and so I wrapped it up in kleenex and put in a plastic baggie so I wouldn’t lose it

    -I decided to head to school to talk buy my chem lab books and equipment. On Monday, I registered for Chemistry for summer session. A friend of mine gave me some money so I could get all the lab stuff. I still have to get the main books though. So..anyways..I get my stuff and talk to my lead manager about the tooth extraction. She had to make arrangements so she could stay a couple hours later. I feel sorry about that because her work day was extended by 2.5 hours. She’s cool though. She just wants me to feel better.

    -I headed to go get something to eat and then went to my friend’s place to wash clothes. All but two of the washer’s were free! At this poing it was like 930am. My friend helped me carry my stuff to the laundry room. I had 4 loads of laundry. Two with clothes, 1 of towels, and 1 with a quilt type comforter and a semi-thick blanket. My friend through some of her stuff in one of the loads. There were no more dryer sheets at my friend’s house so I had to walk back to my place (a couple blocks away) and grab some. To dry we ended up using 6 dryers in hopes that we wouldn’t have to to do 2 dry cycles. It worked out! We were done about 1145 and all the clothes were dry except for a pair of jeans and some sweat shorts. But seeing as it was so hot today, we put them out on the fence in the backyard.

    -I got on the bus around 12:15 to head to the clinic for the walk in. I have to take two busses to get to the clinic location and then walk about 15 minutes.

    -The extraction was pretty interesting. The tooth was in two pieces and ended up breaking more. I felt a few chips pop in my mouth and pass my lips into the air. There was pain so the dentist stopped and put another shot of the numbing stuff. Finally the tooth was out. My right eye was all teary. So just a smidgen of crying 🙂

    -Then I made my way downtown to my piercing/tattoo place get another o-ring for my plug. I am 6 days away from a new stretch (7/16ths) and I’m excited about that. Finances may not permit the stretch but that’s okay. I’ll get it down when I can.

    -I just chilled on the way home. 2 buses with an 18 minute layover between bus #1 and bus #2. At this point I’m starving so I have to get food. I get tomato soup from Campbells. I’ve never had it before. And I buy applesauce. I go to McDonalds and get soft plain ice cream in a cup. It took me 35 minutes to walk home. It usually only takes be about 10/15 mintues.

    -On my way home I realized I’D LOST MY KEYS!!! I think I may have left it on one of the busses. I can check with lost and found tomorrow after 12p.
    As far as the keys go, my manager was unavailable so I asked her brother to help me. He did something to the lock and I was in. I heated up the tomato soup which was excellent and at the ice cream and took an ibuprofen.

    Now, I’m just chilling. Ive just watch 3 episodes (mid season) of Switched At Birth . It’s a good show.

    I’ve taken my antibiotics for the night and have an ibuprofen put to the side if I need it around midnight.

    My eyes are barely staying open so I’ll end now.

    Gratitude: Thankful for the dentist and dentist staff.
    Thanks for my friend helping me with my laundry.
    Thanks fro my tv and all the things that come along with it!
    Thanks for Public Transportation
    Thanks for my own little space.

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