Healing and Happy Friday!!

My mouth is healing up nicely 🙂 I only took one ibuprofen right after the numbing stuff wore off from the extraction. The first night and last night I slept sitting up mostly. I think that’s what’s helped. As far as soreness, this morning is about a 3. Totally manageable.

Yesterday I spent the majority of the day doing my last homework for Biology lecture. I’m really pleased because it is officially due tonight at midnight but I finished both chapters (55 pages of reading) and the homework questions with a day to spare! Yay!

Today, I’m just going to rest and possibly do some reading. I didn’t sleep a lot last night so I know a nap is on the agenda 🙂

Today is my birthday eve. I’m making a few plans for what I’d like to accomplish in my new year. Tomorrow is graduation! It’ll be a dream come true!

Wishing everyone a very good Friday 🙂

For healing faster than I thought and with minimal pain
For Megamind (the animated film) for making me laugh this morning.
Water that my friend brought over. Gotta stay hydrated!! (it’s already 88º and it’s only 930ish)


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