Happy Birthday(s)!!!

I was born 36 years ago around in the early 7am hour. Just wanted to give thanks to my biological parents for making my little baby self 🙂

Happy Birthday to all the May 17th babies in the whole wide world!
happy birthday
I’m wishing us the very best, much love, laughter, good health, much wealth, and our heart’s true desires.
Happy New Year to us all!

Birthday Wishes

My birthday wishes are to continue to develop and utilize my strengths and talents to help create a better world for all, to grow in all the ways of love, to be a better friend to myself, to be good, to be honest, to move beyond the fears I’ve harbored, to let go of all that is not for me.

My main wish is to have Chest Reconstruction Surgery. It’s been like 5 years of really needing it and I really really really need it. My goal/wish/desire is to get surgery this year.

Another wish: To have full oral rehabilitation. I’d love to experience what it’s like to have a healthy mouth and pretty white teeth. I inherited amelogenesis imperfecta from my biological father. My teeth have always been a source of insecurity and pain for me.

To end things on a more positive note, I am looking forward to this afternoon. My graduation ceremony for my 1st college degree is happening at 4pm. So very excited!!! I’m graduating with Honors, with a current 3.83 GPA. The degree: Associate in Arts, Emphasis is Social and Behavioral Sciences-Child Development.

Gotta get started with my day. Going to try to get some reading down for my Biology finals later this morning/early afternoon. Why oh why do we still have another week of school after graduation?

Anyways, Happy Saturday to everyone! Hope you have a fantastic day!

endojé-love unite(s) us


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