Young Veteran/No Veteran Should Ever Be Homeless

I met a young veteran yesterday at one of my friend’s place. He’s homeless right now and he’s staying there. He’s 24 and wise beyond his years. He’s seen and done things that I can’t even imagine. This past weekend I’ve been feeling anxious and scared about potentially not having a place to live. I’ve just been fearing so much. My rent was due last Tuesday and my landlady is rightfully asking for it and I just don’t have it. I’ve been homeless before. Thank goodness I have never slept on the street, like my brother did for 7 months. I’ve always been able to find a floor to sleep on, a couch, sometimes someone’s guest room, art room, futon etc. I am thankful that strangers who are now friends, my Aunt, and a few good friends have let me crash with them until I could get a job or get money from a school loan.

The 24 year old Veteran share with me his stories of being homeless, (NO VETERAN SHOULD EVER BE HOMELESS!) hitchhiking across the country, fighting for his and a friend of his to get the benefits they deserve from the government. He told me that he just got a part time job a few weeks ago and was such a good hard worker that he was just promoted to a full time worker. He’s contributing at my friend’s place and saving up to get his own place. He told me to not be scared. That I’d be alright. That I’ll get through this. I know I will. I’m glad to have met him and that he shared some of his history and present with me.


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