Gratitude for 6/18

for school and learning about art from a historical perspective
for lively discussions with the class and my Professor calling me out specifically to talk about symbolism
for making new connections
for my co-workers
for surviving the work day. (two aggressive bull-headed heated attitudy men bookended my shift today) “Why must you raise your voice and yell so much last customer. Why say racist things?”
Grateful that I caught the big spider in my room. I took it through the yard, out the gate, and across the street to set free.
Thankful for friends reaching out to see how I’m doing
Thankful for donations from friends, family, and people I don’t know. Anonymous donors rule.
Thankful for quiet now. Just me and the crickets 🙂
Grateful for my Pooh bear and my comfy Japanese futon.
Thankful for FB

One of my oldest friends has decided to share my page every day. I am grateful for her and 23 years of friendship.


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