Jack Carroll Is A Great Comedian

Been messing around on the internet today. But…not to worry, I did do the homework due at midnight, this afternoon, around 4p. Boom! You weren’t worried though. No. Me neither.
Afterwards, I started looking on my newsfeed on FB, clicking videos, laughing, learning, rooting people on, connecting with people I haven’t seen in awhile through messages. Anyways, as great luck would have it, I discovered a funny guy named, Jack Carroll. I’ve watched his semi-final routine 3 or 4 times now and his final routine twice. He is absolutely brilliant. I love his writing, his delivery, his humor, his attitude. Fantastic comedian.

*His main routine starts at 1:58.

*His routine starts at 1:20.

*His routine starts at 1:30.

He brought smiles and good wit to my life tonight and I share his gift with you.


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