Go Be Happy

One of my cousins just called me and gifted me with his words and encouragement. He’s following his dreams, working on setting up a non-profit for youth. He was calling to check up on me, congratulate me on graduating, invite me to his upcoming events. He was calling to tell me to be myself. He said, he knows I spent the first 30 years of my life being uncomfortable and it’s time to be comfortable and be happy. To get out there and have some fun. To leave the books at home. Have fun! You deserve it, he says.

When he was talking I could feel the truth of what he was saying flowing through my body. I’ve been isolating. I go to work and go to class but other than that I spend the majority of my time absolutely alone. I know it’s not healthy for me. I know it’s not natural or beneficial in any way. I have many reasons why I haven’t been socializing but for the life of me, right now, none of them seem any good.

I am going to find situations and friends to hang out with and have fun with in a way that is healthy. I’d like play frisbee at the park or something active like that. I want to laugh with other people. I miss my family. I’ll get to be around a few of my cousins and a couple Aunts in August and I’m sure that’ll be a good time. I can’t wait.

Just wanted to capture this moment, this feeling, that I feel.

I feel grateful. I feel hopeful. Energized. Loved.


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