I Think About Her

Often. I think about her often.
I miss her
when I don’t see her. When I see her,
I don’t say much.

This week she’s been full of compliments. Yesterday and one day last week, what she said totally made me blush. Luckily people can’t tell when a black person blushes 😉 Anyways, she’s very verbally expressive. While, I send her awkward texts, she lets me know how she feels. Most everything she says about me to others in my presence or to me directly, is complimentary. Today I was speechless. It’s hard to describe but today she was happy to see me. She teased me about not being able to lie. I told her the truth. I never learned how to lie.. I’m honest by default.
Later tonight, she told me that my bike helmet is really complimentary to my personality. She said I was energetic and happy. Last week she said that when we are together it makes her feel calm.

I don’t say, “I miss you. I like you. I want to get to know you.”
I don’t say much.

I’m pretty sure she likes me. Maybe she likes me as a person. Maybe she doesn’t know that she likes me or how much? The thing is, it’s a no go for now. She has a boyfriend. He’s SD based. She’s moving to LA in about 3 weeks for school. If she didn’t have a boyfriend, I’d definitely ask her out on a date. I’d flirt more. Tease her, invoke laughter. For now, the days are dwindling and I am trying not to be sad or desperate. If for some reason she decides not to keep in touch with me at least we have had this time.

I am grateful for this time.


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