She Likes Me

She likes me.
At least I think she does. Well, I know she does but I don’t think she “likes me” likes me. I talked to a friend about her this morning and she thinks this girl likes me. I only said two things and she was like, yeh, she likes you. I’m pretty oblivious to these things and my friend pointed out if I’m noticing or wondering, then the girl really does like me.

The thing is, she’s moving out of town in 20 days (yes, I’m counting) and she has a boyfriend. If she didn’t have a boyfriend, I’d ask her out or if she wanted to hang out before she left. Because I know for sure for sure that I like her and want to get to know her better I can’t ask her out as a friend even. I am not a good liar or pretender. I can keep up the “friendly co-worker” persona because it’s a true on. Outside of work though, I’d be the

-I’m totally interested in you, but I’m trying not to show it, guy.-

It wouldn’t work.

So..what to do? There’s nothing to do. We have a few more shifts together. Not full shifts. Overlapping shifts of maybe an hour or two. I guess I’m a little sad. She’s going to move and begin a new adventure of her life. Maybe when I don’t see her or know I can’t see her, I won’t think about her so much. I won’t miss her, like I miss her now.


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