Gratitude: September 16th

I am grateful for:

1)Learning how to play Gin with Connie and Carina

2)Carina making me a good breakfast!

3)Central Air!!!

4)Nice pharmacists at Rite Aid. One wrote down the things I needed and after I couldn’t find them, the other walked from behind the counter and showed me where they were.* I’m okay by the way. Just a bit uncomfortable.*

5)An unexpected mini marathon of the last episodes of S1 Once and Again                                                                         6)The rain because we needed it!                                                                                                                                        

7)My Professor offering to keep my bike for a night so I didn’t have to ride in the rain with the sometimes careless when it rains San Diego drivers.

8)My Auntie Deb sending me bible verses and words of faith to help me with the anger I’ve been feeling

9)Teresa and Aunt Teresa for your comments/advice.

10)Lenore, Dolores, and Donna. You all know why ❤

11)Another successful school day completed. Today’s class was both fun and challenging!



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