Stress and My Body

I was wondering if I was getting sick again. I woke up this morning from a pleasant dream. I put my hands together, bent fingertips of my left hand to the bent fingertips of my right. I took it to mean balance and equality. As I continued to wake up, I became aware of my body and it was achy and stiff and I felt like I was coming down with a sore throat.

This lasted the majority of the day. I left San Diego around 2p to head to my Aunt and Uncle’s for the weekend. Here are some pictures I took on the train:


When I got here I made chamomile tea. Then I had some Emergen-C.  My Aunt had made this tuna casserole dish that me and my Uncle like but I wasn’t hungry. My throat had been feeling like it was closing up. I then decided to google it. Some of the results said it could be caused by anxiety. Because I was achy I decided to take some advil. When the advil kicked in my body relaxed and so did my throat. I think I was getting sick based on stress.

The last two days I’ve been having an issue with my ex and it’s something small that has escalated and I haven’t known what to do. Tonight I was just thinking of how I could let it go. I want her to say something that she’ll never say. I don’t think she’ll call me or text me or respond at all. And I have to accept that. And not be angry about it. And not get sick over it.

Gratitude: love, love, love, family, friends ❤
Advil, moscato, tuna noodle dish, my Aunt for making the tuna noodle dish for me and my Uncle when she doesn’t eat any kind of fish at all and can’t stand the smell (We are luck guys!), washing and drying clothes for free! , chilling on a Friday night watching the latest episodes of HTGAWM and Gracepoint, quiet house (I’m the only one awake), Criminal Minds streaming on Netflix keeping me company, being deep in a lesson of letting go and not taking things personally.


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