Got My Stuff Out! Pt. 2

Pt. 1 

Any old way, about the phone. My first friend asked me if it was the principle of the thing, my 2nd friend said that I should get my phone. I decided I’d ask again and have her maybe give it to one of our mutual friends to give to me later or..really just let it go. Because I wanted it to be done. So, as I am texting with my 2nd friend, I hear a knock on the door. Ashley comes down to answer it, she says in a friendly, sweet tone, Oh, hi, how are you? I haven’t heard that tone in months! ha ha I hear my co-worker/friend greet her in return and ask for me. I am totally shocked. I get up and go to the door and say, I thought you were going to text or call. I only have a few things left in this house at this point. A roll up futon, two backpacks, a medium sized suitcase and a near empty duffel (the duffel had 2 plastic water pitchers in it that I had forgotten. We load the stuff in my friend’s car and I park my bike across the street at Taco Bell. I planned to get it later that day. I go back to the house and take a quick look around the downstairs area to make sure I got everything. I go upstairs to ask Ash could I pop my head in her closet to take a quick look around for my grandmother’s blanket. She says no. I say for peace of mind. She says no. I ask her if she finds it, maybe like when she moves, could she please not throw it away, could she please just give it to one of the guys to give to me.Then I ask for my phone.

She tells me she hasn’t gotten the pictures off yet. I give her a look that says, excuses, always excuses  and ask for my phone again and tell her I’ve already talked to one of her roommates/my friend and that he’ll get the stuff off of it. She goes to get my phone and charger and sort of forcefully puts it into my hand. As I am saying thank you she slams the door in my face. I go downstairs and I am surprised to see my friend/co-worker in the doorway. She says something like, Oh, I see now. Is this how she is? I say, this is how it’s been, but worse. She makes a comment that Ash was so nice at the door and so nice during orientation this summer. Earlier in the summer, I got Ash a temp job at my job and my friend was in charge of new-hire paperwork and orientations.

My friend and I dropped the roll up futon and the two water pitchers at my storage unit and then the other stuff at the place that I am staying for the time being. Unfortunately when I was lifting the medium suitcase out of the trunk to put on the curb, my left knee gave out. I heard a pop and my left knee bent out to the side and all of a sudden I’m on my backside wondering how I got there! My knee hurt and I was scared to put my weight on it but after a few moments it seemed alright. I dropped my stuff inside and then got a ride to the Taco Bell so I could grab my bike and take it back to the house that I am staying at right now. It got worse as the day went on. It started throbbing. I took ibuprofen and have been taking care of it. Still walking around but favoring it. Been two days now. My knee is stiff and still a little sore but feeling better.

Back to the phone.
I got the pictures off yesterday (Saturday). It took over 3.5 hours!! I have a Macbook and the phone is a Motorola Razr. For some reason Android File Transfer wasn’t working. My computer wouldn’t recognize the device as an external device. After messing around with it for awhile trying to get it to work, I finally found another way to get the files off. There’s this app called Airdroid. It was working perfectly until I hit the 100MB maximum. Apparently it’ll reset in 30 days! I found a way around it though, without upgrading to the premiere app. If the phone and the computer are on the same network the data transferring is free. I thought I had wiped the phone before I let her borrow it but I hadn’t. I had to sift through both our things. But it wasn’t that hard since she’s had the phone since February or March I just sorted by date. I went through the phone twice. There ended up being over 1,649 items and ended up being 1.06 GB. My stuff was only 3GB. The phone has 8GB internal storage and 16GB external storage. Our stuff combined barely took up any space. I organized her things into 7 folders and typed up a list of her contacts (names and numbers). I uploaded the files to my dropbox and sent the link to my friend/her roommate. He got them downloaded onto his computer and uploaded to his dropbox and that is that! As of yesterday, I have no need of further contact with Ashley.

Right now, I don’t have any personal regrets about the relationship. It sucks that it ended so badly. I still find myself reeling or not quite being able to grasp what has happened. How did this person I love and shared so much of myself with turn into such a nightmare? One day, I know, I won’t even wonder that. I was thinking about it earlier today and I comfort myself with knowing that I did all that I could. I did my best in that relationship and in the situation of the last two months. Now, it’s time to use that doing-the-best-I-can in other aspects of my life. I would totally be unstoppable! 😀


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