History of Endojé

endojé is pronounced indoejay (emphasis on the long o) c.1995

My first girlfriend.
I loved her so much that the word ‘love’ was not enough to describe what I felt for her.
My mom had said “I love you” to me at times and it made me feel sick! It felt completely untrue and sometimes harsh to my ears. Like a threat. Like being bound.
I felt people in general threw that phrase around but didn’t really mean it. So I asked God (my higher self/inner voice) for another word for love. What popped in my head was endojé.

The original definition of endojé was,
I love you more than “I love you”.

After a bit, maybe like a couple of years, I broadened it to mean, the god/light in me loves the god/light in you. I found out this is essentially the same definition of namasté. Namasté is a sanskrit word, a Hindu greeting or salutation originating in South Asia. Namas means to bow. Te means to you. The divine spark/God/Goddess within me recognizes and honors the divine spark/God/Goddess within you. The gesture is a slight bow made with the hands pressed together, palms touching and fingers pointed upwards in front of the chest (heart chakra). This gesture has the same meaning whether or not namasté is spoken out loud.

The third (c.2002?) and current definition is love unite(s) us.
It is both a statement: love unites us
And a prayer: love unite us.

Now that one of my abilities (clairaudience) has become more developed, me thinks endojé was actually enjoy 🙂

As in, enjoy life.
Live in joy.

*I know now that my mother loves me. We just have different love styles. And..I am super sensitive to tone and sound.