Happy Wednesday!

At school.

About to head to my Basic Musicianship class. I’ve done all the work for that class for the next week. I have something due next Wednesday that I’ll attempt to finish this week. Next week, Friday around 3pm, my Spring Break officially starts. In between now and then, I have two 4 page papers and a test. It’s all good. I’ll get the papers done and study for the test.
School is going well overall. Currently I have, all A’s but I am sooo looking forward to having some time off.

While, school is going brilliantly, my living situation is..what it is. I hope to move in the next couple weeks. I had the good fortune to receive an unexpected educational grant this morning so I can use that to search for a room.

Last monday I received my first ever scholarship. It was a small amount but every bit helps and I was psyched to get it. I bought things that I needed for my (borrowed) alto sax. I bought a good neckstrap, a really interesting ligature, and a book called, A Tune A Day. I had been borrowing a neckstrap and a ligature from a couple of band mates. My teacher said when I got the book, we’d meet up and he’d start teaching me stuff. I have a long road ahead of me. I want to play music well.

Last night in my Intro to Music class, our Professor introduced us to the work of Eldar Djangirov. Eldar is a former student of my teacher. Our Prof. played samples from all of his CDs, starting with the one he recorded at age 14. With every CD, I could hear the technical improvements. As soon as I heard the first few notes of the first song on the grammy nominated album “Re-imagination”, well..the sounds made my heart and energetic field expand. Incredible music. After class I immediately got on Spotify and listened to his self titled album and part of his live album. Sadly, Re-imagination isn’t on Spotify. I have to find it by other means. He’s playing tomorrow night at Anthology here in San Diego with Pat Martino.

He’s been playing since he was 5. I just started piano in Winter of 2011. I don’t compare myself with others..usually. And am not/will not compare myself to the greats or the child prodigies or anything. I just know that a musical life would be a great life for me and I want to be the best that I can be. I have talent butI feel my main talent is my ability to self discipline, my determination and ability to persevere. I won’t be able to practice the sax for a week or so but I can practice piano. I’m set to start learning my major 7th chords next week. Today I’m just going to be fooling around with a couple songs I’m learning. Today, in Basic Musicainship, we are learning relative minor keys and scales. We are going to start with melodic and harmonic today or Monday. Gotta head to class. Gonna be late. Doh.

Happy Wednesday All.

Peace and Love to you.

Music Soothes My Soul

Yesterday, I was able to sign out an Alto Saxophone for the remaining part of the semester. It’s a Unison from the S300 series. I don’t know much about that. It’s from my instructor’s personal collection. I was told to sit in with the band and when we were tuning I could barely make a note. I had to borrow a ligature, which is the piece that you fastens/holds the reed to the mouthpiece and another student let me use his neck strap. I feel insecure because so many people have been playing for so much longer than me and the Professor called me out saying we’d definitely have to meet. I was told how to properly place my mouth and at some point I started getting sound out that didn’t sound like an angry duck or..in actuality a badly played horn. *slight smile* I learned from the other sax players during the break and a bit after band. Later that night I pulled it out again and was figuring a little out for myself. My desire and ambition to play well is way ahead of my skill level but I have confidence that the two will meet up nicely one day, form a lasting union, and make plenty of good music.

I want to be the best musician I can be.

We have our first in class quiz in Basic Musicianship today. I already took the two online and did well. I am not really concerned about this one. I am concerned that I’m not getting rhythm. We are learning about meter. I am having a difficult time counting 8th and 16th notes and all the rests except the 1/2 rest and the whole rest. Well, that’s why I’m a student. We have at least one more lecture dedicated to this and I’ll just have to put in some more time or get some help from online sources. It’s hard for me to ask people because it’s hard for me to learn from impatient people or people who think I’m dumb and won’t get it.

Gotta get going. Still have a bit of yoga ahead and self massage.

Ta Ta for now ;D