I am grateful for the food I ate today, for communication and getting through a tough conversation with my gf, for a good friend and her understanding and unconditional love and support (thank you Doe), for coffee shops that are open to 2am even on Easter Sunday. I am grateful for the writing I did today. I am grateful for the hw I did for my music class. I almost understand intervals and I’m sure with the lecture tomorrow I’ll understand it even better, so I am thankful in advance for school starting back up this week. I am grateful for all the walking I did. For the time I’ve had to think and reminisce today. I am grateful for another friend who is going through his own hard times but picked up the phone to listen and talk with me when I called him this morning. I am thankful for the beauty I encounter every day in nature. I love Spring, I love the colors of all the blooming plants and flowers. I am grateful for the weather and the beautiful blue sky in Sunny San Diego.


Grateful for:
Once Upon A Time. I just recently watched the 5th and 6th episode.
Dinner with friends
Piano practice rooms at school. I hadn’t played in 12 days.
Seeing a friend I haven’t seen in over a year and signing with them.
My academic counselor/adviser for letting me do a brief walk in and setting me up for an appt next Monday during her break time so that we can redo my academic plan.
My skateboard
Patsy Cline’s music
My ipod
My housemate’s computer
A new keyboard for my computer that a friend of a friend of a friend gave me tonight. The p and the x I have recently discovered don’t work on my (now former) keyboard o_O
My smartphone/email
Reconnecting with a someone I really like who likes me (new exciting friendship)
Meeting a bright sunny chatty girl at the bus stop today and talking with her on the bus even though I wasn’t feeling bright sunny or particularly chatty I really liked her and we exchanged emails and numbers for a “to be continued” soon 🙂
social networking sites

and justice!



Why is there a such thing as money?

Rent is past due (again) and new rent is about to be due.

Why is it a problem, when I only need a little bit?

When only a small amount is needed and you have maybe 2% of the amount you is a problem.

I wish all the worlds resources were distributed, fairly, as needed.

I wish.

Where’s my genie? My magic wand? My inheritance? ha ha.

My gratitude:

I am thankful for the 1.25 in my bank account.

I am thankful for the credit I received for my internet bill.

I am thankful for the 80 cents I have in change around the house. Yes..including those pennies people usually keep for emergencies. I’ve been in emergency for two months!

I am thankful that my clothes are clean. I washed last night.

I am thankful that I’m only a little hungry but my friend will make me a veggie burger tonight.

I am thankful for school. I just checked my grades and I earned a 4.0 semester which puts me at 3.98 with 41 semester units completed if my calculations are correct. And just got a grant yesterday to pay for a class this summer.

I am thankful for my friends ❤

I am thankful for the internet.

I am thankful for my determination and optimism.

I am thankful for my medication.

I am thankful for my cousin Q..who lives in KC..who joked with me this morning and told me not to be angry.

I am thankful for the queer community and it’s beauty and diversity and all the images on tumblr that I’ve been exposed to that affirm me and make me want to try harder to help create a more just and loving world.

I am thankful that my school library will be open all summer from 7-5.

I am thankful for blue skies and warm weather (a perfect sunny california day).

I am thankful for water.

I am thankful that my landlord didn’t evict me earlier this month and I’ve had a place to rest and be for 27 days

I am thankful for my bus/trolley pass that helps me get around.

I am thankful for my life.

I am thankful for life itself.